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End-to-End Co-Packing Solutions

With the short-term and high-volume nature of product packaging and fulfillment, end-to-end co-packing is key to keeping management costs low.

Working as strategic partners in your supply chain, we provide your business the knowledge, resources, and flexibility to save time and stress on logistics, getting products on store shelves in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

About Promotional Print & Packaging - Leading Canadian Packaging Solutions

Being the middleperson in a retail supply chain is a pain. Chasing one vendor to the next, trying to ensure all deadlines are met so products are delivered on time and on budget, is a logistical nightmare.
At Promotional Print & Packaging, we offer end-to-end co-packaging solutions to streamline your supply chain. Throughout our 35 years of operation, we've continuously refined our co-packing services to minimize cost, time, and headaches for customers.
All you'll ever need to do is submit a single, simple purchasing order when you need a product on the shelves, and we'll take care of the rest co-packing, printing, point of purchase displays design and assembly, storage, distribution, fulfillmentyou get the idea.

Full Distribution and Fulfillment Centre

What separates us from other Canadian contract packers is our full, 100,000 sq. ft. storage, distribution, and fulfillment centre. Rest assured your product is in good hands (packaging?) in our spacious facilities, with fast distribution capabilities to deliver your goods across Canada at a moment's notice.
Come check it out, you'll be impressed.

 Off the Chain

We pride ourselves on our forward-thinking packaging solutions that improve logistics. Think of us as your strategic partners rather than a simple co-packaging company, always looking to redefine efficiency in your retail supply chain.

A Single Co-Packing Vendor

Retailers come to us to alleviate the stress of managing tons of vendors for one product. It's inefficient use of your time, and leaves room for error along the supply chain. As the late Biggie Smalls once said: mo' vendors, mo' problems (or something like that).

Why Choose Promotional Print & Packaging as Your Contract Packager?

Complete packaging solutions

If your product package needs it, we can deliver it. Our dedicated assembly area offers:

  • Shrink wrapping and banding
  • Display assembly
  • Kitting
  • Product labels and labeling
  • Repackaging and rework
  • Blister sealing



Greater product visibility

Get foot traffic gravitating towards your products and retail displays. Our expertly-crafted point of purchase displays (POP) and retail packaging are the work of contract packers who understand what'll fly off shelves, and what'll collect dust.

Controlled management costs

By investing in today's leading technologies and minds to stay ahead of evolving retail landscapes, we offer retailers the most innovative co-packing solutions to keep supply chains simple and straightforward. This allows you to keep operation costs small, and scalable.



Because you're working with a single contract packer for your full supply chain needs, we're nimble in making changes to meet ever-changing requirements.


Thanks to our modern product storage, distribution, and fulfillment facility, every supply chain we manage has a low carbon footprint, cutting down on transport and the environmental impact distribution can have.

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Pickering, Ontario L1W 3S3